Plazma burst unblocked

Plasma blast unblocked helps to remove enemies from the road. Whether it is a simple guard, or an elite special forces soldier, dressed in solid armor – it will burn and finish off with one hit. Headshots will be especially effective if you are lucky to show such accuracy. An agent of the world’s latest organization, you must go to another planet to begin its conquest. Own native land has long been on the verge of extinction. But the opportunity to travel to the nearest suitable stars appeared only recently. You were thrown through the portal, and several companions followed, to help the hero. But due to an irreparable calculation error, the point of arrival for the main character of this story turned out to be erroneous. Now he alone is trying to navigate in the middle of an unfamiliar enemy base. The planet that interests people was not only noteworthy, but also a race similar to ours. Of course, nobody was glad to see the aliens here. And all decide in a hot shootout. Whose plasma explosion will be more deadly, more precisely? Who is the last to pull the trigger, and who remains to lie, lifeless? You move along the intricate corridors of the complex, getting rid of all the disturbances, be they live or mechanical.

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