Raft wars unblocked

In Raft wars unblocked one small boy, digging in the sand, found treasure. He expected to find anything, but not a solid bar of gold, and not precious stones. But then, when a brilliant diamond fell into his hands, the child understood that it was fate. However, to preserve their wealth was not so easy. It is obvious that the treasure got there not by itself. He was buried by pirates who are already hurrying back to their temporary hiding place. And the boy is in danger, just like his loyal assistant, who came to the rescue of a friend. This helper is you. Together with the main character, take the post at the gun, because now the war on rafts will begin. In Raft wars unblocked the pirates have already driven their ship. They will not go to boarding, because it is much more convenient to shoot the enemy from a long distance. Corsairs do not even suspect who they are dealing with. They didn’t have enough mind to look through a telescope who exactly is sitting on rafts on the other side of the bay. Otherwise, the situation might not turn out as well as you would like. Now the guys have a good chance of winning. The war on rafts gives them some prospects for winning, because you shoot very accurately. But pirates can miss, and not even once. Use their weaknesses, and release your rubber cores one by one. A direct hit can immediately dump enemies into the water, or take a good half of their lives from them. The main thing is to hit the target.

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