Snake unblocked

Let’s remember the old days. Snake unblocked is not just a game, it is history. Then everyone on the phone had a toy – a snake. And now almost the same snake came out in a more bright colorful style. The rules remain the same. Feed the snake with apples, and it will grow in front of your eyes, just remember, if it crashes into itself, then the level will have to start anew. Well, now let’s see who has the biggest snake grown?

Interesting facts about online games – benefit and harm

Of course, you can’t go deep into the game culture for yourself, but when it comes to parents and children, everything becomes much more complicated in order to avoid mistakes and have at least some understanding, so to speak, to be on the same wavelength as our child, we will make a short trip through the virtual worlds with examples, conclusions and facts for each most common class.

RPGs or role-playing games with the online world are widespread both on computers and on mobile platforms: smartphones, tablets. Partly due to their popularity, the population of such games is real people.

The essence of modern role-playing game is the development of a character playing a certain role, for example: a healer, hunter, mage, knight and the like. The game begins with one of two skills, during the course of completing tasks, more powerful and interesting ones are revealed, so the mage can learn to create illusions and the knight can enchant armor.

The world of such games is incredibly thought out, many diverse tasks, crafts, you can even build virtual relationships. And to build a house, grow food in the garden already seems commonplace.

Despite the apparent simplicity, these games for thoughtful and smart people become room for self-realization, careful selection of combinations of skills and characteristics (strength, dexterity, health, intelligence and others) of the characters, create opportunities for domination and a sense of superiority over other players. Which directly develops analytical and strategic thinking, which, if not lost, will help with your business in adulthood.

The duration of the game and the complexity of development imitate life’s problems, albeit in fantasy wrappers, but nevertheless, the understanding that you need to work hard to achieve the result comes pretty quickly and literally forces the player to plan development.

High-quality RPG games give an idea of ​​how to build a modern society, imaginary democracy is taken into account. Allow closed and insecure individuals to develop communication skills and, while achieving success, add confidence in their own abilities.

Also, you can check this nice website about different interesting facts.

The main harm that such a game can be done is the substitution of reality, in other words, a person begins to perceive the game as a very real world in which he has friends with whom he spends time, girls. Achievements that he did not dream of in reality are dizzy and then he receives status and respect, especially such a problem is characteristic of deprived of attention, unsociable due to shyness to people.

Shooters (English shooter) or speaking closer to the simple language of shooting, represent a rather large part in online games, and they are very diverse, the roles of a shooter in them are played by various humanoid creatures, monsters of all stripes, robots, planes, ships and even tanks .

A classic online shooter game for short rounds from 10 minutes to a couple of hours, with tables of ratings, achievements showing the player’s art and skill in destroying the enemy, a kind of fighter’s chronicle showing his progress and value for guilds (combining players for joint games).

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