Space invaders unblocked

Space invaders unblocked – vertical space shooter. Managing a spacecraft, we shoot off an alien army, hiding behind cover. Aliens decline over time. Management – shooters, shooting – space. The classic game “Space Invaders” sends us back to the times when the game console dendy and tetris were held in high esteem. We play in outer space and fight off monsters with a small gun. The advantages of this game, I would include: 1. Oldfazhnost. You can ponastalgirovat, remember similar games. 2. Mobility. Since the game is located directly in the browser, you do not have to download it, suffer with emulators, downloads and other things. 3. Fine management. In this game, we control the whole process with the keyboard, in addition there are several types of control provided. 4. Bonuses. An integral part of most of the old games, it goes well with the bosses. I can only single out one drawback. Graphics. Although, who in our time from the connoisseurs of old games looks at the graphics. If suddenly you forget where the game is located, then in any search engine enter the phrase space invaders to play online. Multiple player support is also expected in the future. In addition, on the site you will find many other interesting projects. Good game!

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