Stick badminton 2 unblocked

Stick badminton 2 unblocked is a nice game. Badminton for two – great sports entertainment, which is easy to learn, and it is impossible to come off later. Take your racket, shuttlecock, and go to the tennis court to find a suitable opponent there. The size of the field will not be as big as in tennis, because the shuttle is easily blown away by the wind, and it is difficult to just run it a hundred meters away – here the hall is quite medium in size. In the beginning, you make a choice of one of three characters, which will further conquer the sporting heights. This is not just a single match, but a whole tournament where the champion will get a cup, and a good cash reward. Badminton for two will put you face to face with the best pros in this business. Gradually, with each round, the strength and experience of your rivals will increase. But training will not allow the player to stand still. He, too, is gradually developing, coming into proper shape. Find the best place on the site from where it will be most convenient to serve. Notice how the flounce behaves when the opponent beats him with all his might, and how – if he lightly throws himself under the net. Learn to move quickly and instantly react in any situation. Whoever scores seven goals first – this guy will move on to the next round.

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