Stick badminton unblocked

Has anyone seen Stick figure play badminton? In Stick badminton unblocked you will see that. But he is a real master of launching a shuttlecock with a racket, an incredible athlete and a dodger, what else to search. It turns out that not only the killings of this black man is famous. You can master a difficult sport if you have patience, and the Stick has it in abundance. In badminton the fight is up to 21 points, after which the winner is announced. A shuttle is allowed to start with a special lightweight racket with a long handle. Unlike big tennis, here the net is stretched slightly above the level of the court, due to which the tactics and strategy of the players on the field change. Instead of direct inning with an acute angle, hanging a shuttlecock is practiced, high jumps to hit the opponent’s half court. In the case of the Stick badminton has a modified court, bounded on all sides by high walls that prevent the shuttle from flying. According to the rules, the departure is penalized by one point, so the softening measure makes it possible to strike with full force. Opponents are not limited in time, in addition to this, they have the full right to move around the field before serving, not to stick around the line, as in the big tennis.

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