Stick rpg 2 unblocked

Stick rpg 2 unblocked is a nice strategy game. You should love this game. You will find a lot of interesting things in this city. If you are familiar with Stikmen, then we will fix it now. Stickman is a young man who loves extreme sports very much. He loves to ride a skateboard, roller skates and other cool things. A long time ago, he had big problems with the local police because of his reckless driving. He even had to leave the city to escape punishment. Play Stick rpg 2 unblocked for free and online. Many years have passed, and he is returning to the city. He has almost no old friends left, so you need to quickly find a job, rent a house and live a normal life. But Stickman regularly begins to meet old acquaintances or friends who remind him of the old days, when he constantly dispersed the blood in his veins. Stickman liked these times very much and he decides to go back to extreme. But now everything can end much more pitiable. If the Stickman is seized by the police, he will remember his old sins and new ones. But our main character does everything to avoid falling into the hands of justice. And his activities in extreme sports bring him a very great pleasure.

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