Strike force heroes 3 unblocked

The United States ceased to be a world threat after a corporation creating clones appeared to the south. Online game Strike force heroes 3 unblocked. Initially, production aimed at improving the vitality of people through the production of organs, but soon the top leaders took over the desire to rule the world. The bases for the creation of cloned soldiers were created on all continents, the training of the murderers was carried out at an accelerated pace, and the governments of the countries trembled before the attacks of the tyrants. The once legendary heroes of the shock group 3, which included machine gunner Dex, weapons specialist Dex, sniper Jean and brig the Tower, were subjected to brainwashing. They erased the memory for reprogramming, the key concept of which was to conquer the world. Captain Wesley infiltrated the headquarters of a powerful corporation, learned about the implementation of plans for cloning, and then decided to assemble his own anti-terrorism unit. This guy does not miss, because it is easy to handle all types of firearms, has a cat’s dexterity, extraordinary intuition and a desire to free people who do not want to undergo forced colonization.

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