Strike force heroes 3 unblocked

The United States ceased to be a world threat after a corporation creating clones appeared to the south. Online game Strike force heroes 3 unblocked. Initially, production aimed at improving the vitality of people through the production of organs, but soon the top leaders took over the desire to rule the world. The bases for the creation of cloned soldiers were created on all continents, the training of the murderers was carried out at an accelerated pace, and the governments of the countries trembled before the attacks of the tyrants. The once legendary heroes of the shock group 3, which included machine gunner Dex, weapons specialist Dex, sniper Jean and brig the Tower, were subjected to brainwashing. They erased the memory for reprogramming, the key concept of which was to conquer the world. Captain Wesley infiltrated the headquarters of a powerful corporation, learned about the implementation of plans for cloning, and then decided to assemble his own anti-terrorism unit. This guy does not miss, because it is easy to handle all types of firearms, has a cat’s dexterity, extraordinary intuition and a desire to free people who do not want to undergo forced colonization.

The creators of the game “Heroes of shock squad 3” entrusted to their main character (that is, you) the fulfillment of an extremely important mission: the destruction of dangerous enemies and the collection of much-needed weapons. If you make a mistake or are inattentive, it will be worth your life. Speed, caution and accuracy – this is something that will definitely be useful to you and the main character at all levels. The toy has first-class graphics and clear gameplay. Compared with previous versions, the game has a lot more features and weapons.

How to play Strike force heroes 3 unblocked?

Your soldier runs around the industrial premises and shoots the enemies wherever and whenever possible. Movements are done by arrows or WASD. Shoots a soldier with a mouse. The game has as many as 8 classes, which provide the ability to choose a name, weapon and appearance. A new set of commands allows you to customize the characters as you like to work with them. Beautiful sound also draws attention to the game. Such virtual “special forces” are created in order to intervene in problems at a time when nothing helps, except for brute physical strength. In the third version of the game, missions are twice as large as in all previous ones. Do not let evil relax for a second!


In the game Shock Squad of Heroes 3, 60 absolutely new missions await you, each of which is presented in three levels of difficulty. The number of missions in this game is twice as large as ever the company developer had to do. We love weapons, you love weapons, everyone loves weapons! So now completing each mission on any difficulty level gives you a unique reward. You can unlock a new class, a new drawing (more on this below) or in the later missions of a powerful unique hero. If you replay already completed levels, you will receive a new random weapon! No more need to buy a weapon, you will earn it automatically, just by playing.


In the workshop you can upgrade any of your weapons. It is possible to upgrade each weapon up to 5 times, to improve all its characteristics. Also, completing the mission you will receive drawings. In the workshop you can use them to get a new type of weapon, it will appear in the store and you can get it for completing other levels. Instead of “bombing” players with all types of weapons at once, now you can gradually unlock more and more new types, thus getting a decent reward for completing each level.


In addition to the classes of fighters from previous games, there are several new ones. There are not too many, here are two of them: Ninja: Ninja moves in the shadows and out of it, quickly destroying enemies in the melee. They can evade projectiles, they can always be invisible, they can use smoke bombs to participate in a battle or leave the battle.
Elite: Elite are advanced soldiers, equipped with the help of experimental technologies of the future. They cause damage with the help of radiation weapons on elementary particles, and their cartridges are regenerated. As a reward for a series of killings, they have access to a beam that freezes every enemy on the battlefield into a large block of ice.

Finally, the world waited for the release of the third part of the sensational game “Heroes of the Strike Detachment”. You will find a cool shooter with the participation of old heroes and a little little surprises. New missions and more than 60 combat missions on three difficulty levels. You can also use the squad code to share your character pack with friends. In addition to the usual missions you expect some innovations. In the game “Heroes of Shock Squad 3”, you can put together a team of heroes and fight against enemy corporations that dream of enslaving the whole world with the help of their clones. But after all, Captain Wesley, Jean and their team can not allow this to happen and develop a plan to combat the enemies. Ahead of you are waiting for hot fights with enemies in different parts of the globe, as well as different battle modes, such as: fight to the death, domination, capture the flag and others. You must always remember that you are fighting with robots – clones that are not armed with simple weapons. They can hit you with electrical charges, toxic waste and nuclear bullets. But in turn, you will receive a new weapon for each level passed. Now you can not spend your money on new weapons, and for these amounts you will be more comfortable to improve the existing weapons and combat skills of your heroes. Good Luck!

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