Strike force kitty 2 unblocked

Cats against chanterelles have long been fighting on the Internet, trying to achieve greater sympathy for people. Try the Strike force kitty 2 unblocked game on our website. But there are after all the real kingdoms, where animals arrange real battles. The foxes have now become impudent. Single fights were not enough for them. We decided to make a big war, and invaded the cat lands. Many suffered and the king of the cats was furious. He sent a shock squad of kittens 2, which became even stronger than before. Unequal forces will collide again, and one kind of cute little animals will try to prevail over the other. Control your small group of four warriors. Each battle won can bring a rich catch – equipment. Equipment will be the decisive word in a fight. Dress everyone in armor, give them good weapons, and hope that the enemies’ guns will be a little worse than yours. Between your martial races you need to train. Three features are improved here. The first is the impact force. It is followed by the number of lives and speed. Every skill needs to be developed at least to an average level, otherwise you will have to lose weight. Distribute loot as you decide. It is not necessary to repeat the finished costumes of foxes, because the items of equipment of different characters can be mixed.

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