Tetris unblocked

Are there people in our time who do not know what classic Tetris is? This game was invented many years ago, and it still does not lose the popularity of its idea, often being used in various other places. Someone called it a construction site, because this is the basic principle of fun – to build all sorts of houses and figures from small details appearing on the screen. More precisely, it happens by itself, because your task is not to build a building as large as possible, but to clear the field of all the bricks. The details are added together, but if the line of them takes up the field completely, from one edge to the other, it immediately disappears. It brings points, as well as any new addition of a fragment. Only the difference in the number of points for just a fallen piece, and folded, as it should, the line – this is a whole hundreds of points. To complete the level, the classic Tetris requires you to complete the construction of a certain number of lines. After that, the entire construction will be cleared to start anew in the new territory. They will add pre-cooked walls that will not be so easy to destroy. In this way, the task is constantly complicated. And the speed of movement of all the bricks is constantly growing.

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