The last stand 2 unblocked

Description of the online game “The last stand 2 unblocked”. presents to you the third part of the most popular series of games about our not quite living friends – The Last Stand. From the defense of the barricades, the game turned into a full-fledged complex action with RPG elements: if you had to climb the city in search of supplies, you had to survive without your participation, now you are directly involved in equipping your character. The plot is as follows: the main character was driving home, but had an accident because of a zombie. He will have to make the rest of the way on foot, throwing insatiable creatures along the way. The game received a full-fledged RPG part: all weapons and armor have their own parameters, which increase or decrease the characteristics of the character. Also at the beginning of the game, you can choose the specialization of your hero, on which his level of possession of one or another weapon will depend. The passage will take several hours – this is at least.

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