Ultimate assassin 3 unblocked

Play online Ultimate assassin 3 unblocked free. Killing people is bad, you say. And if these are terrible people who spoil the lives of thousands of others with their criminal acts, completely peaceful and decent citizens? Corrupt politicians, or even drug dealers – can they be deprived of life without a twinge of conscience? But we are not going to look for answers to this question. We will just take the life, and this will be your main task. Assassin 3 – the mission to eliminate a number of adverse to society, or your own office persons. As the best silent killer in the department, you were sent to this task immediately. Events will happen very simply, according to the same elementary scenario. You’ve already sneaked into the right building, and now the task is to just get close to the victim. Then your killer himself perfectly slaughters the victim, leaving from her only bloody stains on the floor. After that the exit in the form of a round hatch will be open. He appears in different places of the hall. The first stages are not difficult at all, but then guards will be assigned to your goals. In Assassin 3, you can not use a firearm, so as not to mess things up too much noise. Therefore, a guard with a pistol will become an insurmountable obstacle for you. Do not give yourself to him.

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