Whack your boss 2 unblocked

At each job there is a person who imagines himself a big boss. Whack your boss 2 unblocked is an interesting game. This reptile considers simple hard workers his slave servants, whom he has the right to load with work until he loses consciousness. It costs him nothing to turn the workplace into a life imprisonment cell, where a subordinate with bulging eyes will sit in front of a computer day and night. This bad person scrupulously reduces wages, considering deprivation of bonuses a punishment for dishonest attitude to the tasks set. In the event of unforeseen situations, the pseudo-leader will certainly try to throw mud at anyone, but not himself. Today is the day of celebration, as we have the opportunity to get even! We gather all the righteous anger into a fist to produce the long-awaited retribution. Damned boss deserves to be sent to hell, where devils will torture him alive. He would have to gut or crush guts with a huge palm. In extreme cases, you can smash the press, to pump up water to the state when the body breaks at the seams, like an old worn out thing. Kohl bastard completely admitted, it can be destroyed by radiation or a nuclear bomb! Find 10 ways to punish boss 2 and laugh heartily over his screams.

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