Whack your boss superhero unblocked

Computer games developers do not think about where the writers get their information from. Play Whack your boss superhero unblocked online. For bosses, these are ordinary book mice engaged in papermaking and no more. Here are just images of Superman, Spiderman, Sub-Zero, Godzilla, or one of the X-Men in his head will not appear even with unlimited fantasy. Add to the listed characters of the Hulk, Ant-Man, Torah, Jedi or Transformers, so it will be quite scary. Do not envy the boss who mocks and nagging without reason to the scriptwriter, who has all the famous superhero powers. It costs the supervisor nothing to shorten the project time, scatter the scenario by gender, lower the subordinate salary for no reason. Punishing a superhero-style boss will be as enjoyable as punishing a famous criminal or moving a helpless old woman across a busy road. With the existing arsenal of possibilities, it will be simple, pleasant, quick, but extremely cruel and inhuman! Tricky miser deserved this punishment, so that no mercy he can not give.

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