World’s hardest game unblocked

Play online the World’s hardest game unblocked game. You still do not know anything about difficult games. The most difficult game in the world will make you suffer at your first level. Some people sat for hours without any sense, continuing to die incessantly. There are no puzzles, no labyrinths or suddenly emerging monsters. The plot is also missing, and there is no need for it. You control a red cube, struggling to slip between the rows of blue balls to the exit. Opponents can move along the same trajectory, or choose a route randomly – it depends on the current level. One thing invariably always is the danger of colliding with them. And it kills instantly. The number of lives is not limited, so there is simply no final loss. But the score will directly depend on how many times you made a mistake, were caught and failed. Sometimes, besides blue, there are also yellow objects. They must be collected, otherwise the stage can not be passed. At the end of the road you can see the green zone. Around the same you start. Climbing to the other side is so difficult, as if you are trying to cross a deep mountain river ford without wetting your pants. Probability does exist, but how exactly do it — who knows?

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