Zombie trailer park unblocked

Previously, they were the same as we are with you. The Zombie trailer park unblocked is a nice game. But then the terrible virus changed the poor fellow beyond recognition, turning them into helpless slaves of their natural instincts. Or rather – the most important of them. Nothing but food, these newly-made monsters can no longer think. In this case, sandwiches or potatoes, they are no longer satisfied. But fresh human meat is the best food in the world. Therefore, the monsters are trying to catch all residents who have not lost their mind, to invite them to dinner. Meal, where guests and become the main course. People against zombies tried to use a variety of means, which can only come to mind. And resources are gradually depleted. To organize the production of weapons and ammunition, train new shooters – it costs a lot of money. Only now the most profitable thing was the extermination of the bloodthirsty dead. The government will pay you for it. Kill two birds with one stone. You are protecting your own property, and still receiving money for your efforts. They buy new guns, build all the necessary buildings, improvements. Punishing army of peasants will soon go on the hunt. Watch out, zombies, your end is near.

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