A small car 2 unblocked

The “A small car 2 unblocked” is a nice game. We bring to your attention a great racing simulator Little Machine 2. Its three-dimensional painted world combines the simplicity of forms with their amazing grace. Even the most primitive cars here look very cute. You are immersed in the competition with your head, and start the journey along the extensive trail. Rival here will be time itself. To get a new car, you need to buy it in the garage, having spent the stars won on trips. Their number can vary from zero to three, depending on how quickly you have overcome the distance. The first road will seem childish fun, but it’s not a mistake. In the future, each track will only become more difficult. Here there are all kinds of obstacles, ranging from cacti, ending with bottomless cliffs. Sometimes the path runs high in the sky, and the slightest mistake will result in a long fall. To get out of the abyss will not succeed – you need to start the level again. Often the car puts on slippery asphalt, wet ground. You definitely will not be bored. On the contrary, it will be difficult to relax to the very finish line. Press on the gas to make it in time, and disrupt the highest award. You can’t be late even for a split second.

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