Ace gangster taxi unblocked

Play for free and online Ace gangster taxi unblocked game. Bringing up ordinary civilians – such a problem on the shoulder of any novice driver. But our guy prefers to deal with much more dangerous citizens. His cool gangster taxi is designed specifically to help the criminal and criminal elements of the city. They often have not sweet, and ordinary taxi drivers sometimes simply refuse to help, afraid to call themselves a misfortune. You fulfill all the road wishes of the gangsters, receiving much higher profits for this than any other craftsman. A cool gangster taxi should not stand out. Take orders, and deliver important passengers to the destination, following all possible traffic rules. No need to drive a red light, or get into an accident. So that you do not get lost on the way, you should constantly look at the map. Without it, progress could be too slow, and generally go in the wrong direction. This miniature guide is located in the lower left corner of the screen. The more passengers you manage to transport per working day, the better it will affect both your reputation and the thickness of the wallet. Nobody would be prevented by substantial earnings.

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