Acid bunny 2 unblocked

Acid bunny 2 unblocked is an interesting game online. Acid rabbit 2 coped with previous troubles, but relapse was not long in coming. While playing with friends in volleyball, a spontaneous immersion into virtual reality occurred. The animal did not immediately realize the tragic consequences of the transition. Once in the world with the double-headed dragon, the crawler felt a terrible fear, and his composure was greatly shaken. The outbreaks began to occur more often and during them the best friends of the protagonist constantly died. Soon the eared inadequate again began to see drinkers, bullets with syringes and throwing pills counterparts. Hares and rabbits did not show goodwill. They always blocked the way, not allowing the poor thing to put together memories from the past. Glue the memory will allow small pieces of the past, scattered across the parallel world in the form of threads, particles of a teddy bear and needles. If you do not survive in a parallel reality, then the mind will not return to the rabbit. Therefore, the branded animal should be stocked with a carrot, which instantly destroys any enemy.

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