Acid bunny unblocked

Play free and online Acid bunny unblocked game. This story began a long time ago, when the little white rabbit was still in the bud. His mother did not know about the destructive habits of his father, from whom he inherited a passion for various bad things. When the brood of rabbits was born, one baby had no place for feeding, so the poor fellow did not taste the breast milk, and the brothers who managed to do so began to mutate. Someone turned green, someone turned blue, not a single white remained, only a small acid rabbit had a light color. His brothers hated him for this and began to treat poorly, driving them out of the flock and forcing them to be friends with chanterelles, bears or possums. One day, when the kid rode on a swing and hit his knee painfully, he had an attack. During the attack, the whole world was lit up with bright colors, the emotional sensations intertwined, a flash of aggression pushed to assault. The rabbit tore the bear’s head off, and when he came to his senses, his friends looked at him frightened. The poor fellow did not remember anything, but promised to correct the perfect mistake provoked by a genetic failure. Now the eared killer needs to find a lot of skeins of threads in order to sew the bear’s head to the body, but this will not be easy, because the threads are in the territory of his abnormal brothers.

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