Alien attack team 2 unblocked

Play Alien attack team 2 unblocked online. Earthlings did not think that an alien race could begin an apocalypse. The aliens attacked Earth with that arrogance, as if they wanted to destroy all living things. The mighty humanoid robots incinerated cities until a secret squad specializing in eliminating threats from other civilizations took over. In case of war with uncharted creatures, the national security service had its own robot capable of knocking down opponents of a similar size on their knees with the help of missiles of increased attack radius. The battle for territory has moved into airless space, because there were no borders in space, both for the attacking side and for the defender. Cunning speculators have the opportunity to use themselves for the sake of weightlessness: a weak pull allows you to jump from a great height, jump much higher than in earthly conditions, quietly wade into hangars with giant alien robots. When deftly moving, accurate shooting and ruthless crushing of the enemy, the attack of alien 2 will choke in the bud, as it was when you first tried to seize our planet!

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