Alien hominid unblocked

Play free and online Alien hominid unblocked game. In the area of ​​the headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Investigations, an unidentified flying object collapsed. The symbolism of the apparatus was of Martian origin, and passers-by found a pilot at the crash site. The newcomer hominid was lying near the UFO, holding the blaster in his hands, his green skin clearly spoke of extraterrestrial origin, and his eyes were filled with rage, as if he hated earthlings with all his heart. After the first massacre of the meek citizen of the FBI launched a plan for the elimination of a humanoid, hostile to everything that was different from his appearance. Agents were immediately given supermodern power cannons, sizzling high lumps of high voltage into any threat. A terrible battle broke out in which armored vehicles, helicopters, rapid reaction squads, special agents who interrupted all current missions were involved. By the arrival of alien invaders, humanity had been preparing for years, so that in case of an unforeseen outcome of events there are several powerful devices created by the best engineering minds. The geniuses of science have cooked up quite a few weapons, which now can give the all-powerful and very mobile alien a lot of trouble.

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