Alien transporter unblocked

Try the Alien transporter unblocked game. You control the spacecraft of the humanoid race, which does not like to sit still. Representatives of the extraterrestrial life form go to visit, fly to work, travel through galaxies and solar systems, study other representatives. As an alien carrier, you take responsibility for safeguarding the lives of passengers, transporting customers to their destination, and collecting money. The transport of the future runs on jet fuel with the highest octane number, which causes some difficulties in management. Abrupt landings, rough collisions with obstacles, and jets with jet turbines will lead to loss of control, reduction of thrust or crash. Landing should be done by analogy with a helicopter – gently, on a flat surface of suitable diameter. Like any vehicle, the spacecraft is not endless fuel tanks, so they need to be sent for refueling in a timely manner, and the payment for fuel is carried out directly from the carrier’s pocket. Performing simple tasks, the aircraft driver receives improvements, without which it is impossible to work on the most lively parts of the planet humanoids.

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