American racing unblocked

Play American racing unblocked game. What is the American race? Most people now would remember the dizzying attraction, where a lot of carriages rushing along a track built at high altitude. But in our case, this is not entirely true. You will have the opportunity to go, but instead of an amusement park, the place will become an ordinary stadium. The stands are crowded with spectators, and dozens of cars are already buzzing, warmed to the limit, and ready to rush forward. American racing is an annual tournament, the winner of which is not only famous for proving superiority to opponents, but also earns a lot of money. Of course, it takes a lot of skill and good driving skills. You will need to thoroughly train your reaction, learn to fit into sharp turns, and slip between the rows of other cars without touching their sides. Each collision, and even more, leaving the track – all this significantly reduces your speed, and then it will be very difficult to break out into the front ranks. The first rounds will be quite simple, but the opponents are improving, improving cars, so you should not stand still. Buy upgrades for earned money, and always try to take the gold. Cross the finish line first, under the loud applause of the crowd.

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