Apple shooter unblocked

Check your accuracy of archery, hit the apple exactly, otherwise your friend will not be good. In Apple shooter unblocked with each level, the distance to the desired target will increase, which will require more accuracy from you. We all go to the circus where we look at the performance of various artists. We especially like numbers for throwing knives or archery at live targets. After all, these numbers are associated with great risk. But few of us know that, what to put it artists spend a lot of time in training. Today in the game Apple Shooter we will take part in such training here. In front of us will be seen an archer and a man standing opposite with an apple on his head. We will need to hit the apple with an arrow. To do this, having stretched the string, we will use a special scale to set the tension force of the string and the trajectory of the flight of the arrow. How are you ready to shoot. If everything is done correctly, the arrow will hit the apple and you will go to another level.

Become William Tel in the game “Shooter In The Apples” and knock down an apple at Volter’s head. Hold the left mouse button to adjust the impact force, which is displayed in the upper left corner. If you manage to hit the apple directly, the distance between the shooter and the target will automatically increase. Aim accurately and in no case get into a person, otherwise you will have to start over. Good luck in the interesting game “Apple Shooter”!

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