Armed with wings unblocked

Play online the Armed with wings unblocked game. From time immemorial Japanese samurai were one of the most brave and noble warriors. They respect their enemies, and they themselves do not fall in their eyes, being ready even to give their lives for a righteous cause. Our hero, armed with wings, travels the world in search of wisdom and adventure. His movements are swift and elusive. The game has an interesting storyline. In pursuit of a long-standing enemy, a samurai will wander into deaf and impassable places where a man’s foot rarely walks. But then there are terrible monsters, past which will not go unnoticed. You will have to fight them anyway, and what interest would a journey be if all these fights were not? Monsters will be very different, and besides them, ahead of you are also waiting for the bottomless abysses, and other traps. Fortunately, a samurai armed with wings can jump very high, and the speed of his movements will make it easy to slip through dangerous traps. Monsters do not pose such a danger as other warriors. They can, perhaps, hurt you if you act carelessly. After each two blows, the samurai makes a small pause, and at that moment he is especially vulnerable to enemies. It is better not to stand still, but to jump upwards, being behind the opponents’ backs.

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