Atv destroyer unblocked

Play online Atv destroyer unblocked game. Just imagine that somewhere there is a quad bike destroyer. This is a four-wheeled motorcycle that can crush any car or even a house with its own weight. In front of him is almost a rocket engine, working exclusively on nitrous oxide. It is necessary for a racer to pour a vigorous nitro mix into the gas tank, as the bike starts to tear from the spot, as if it is about to fly into space. It’s damn cool to drive on such a colossus, because it has such a high pulling force that it easily goes into a tailspin when entering the ramp. Making a front or back flip for a motorcycle racer is easier than blinking, because on the steering wheel there is a button that allows the ATV to jump on the spot. It wouldn’t be a surprise for a stuntman to do some flips, so a double coup with a landing on the front wheels is always relevant, but a triple somersault can only be done at later levels. Such a restriction is an urgent need, because in the absence of mastery of driving skills, you can roll your neck. But there is also good news – for later levels, motorcycles are prepared in the garage with greater speed, sharpness of acceleration and height of jumping.

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