Awesome cars unblocked

Play free and online Awesome cars unblocked game. Fans of car racing at all times differed general inclinations. They wanted to rush along the road as quickly as possible, sweeping away all the obstacles on the way. It does not matter whether it is a huge suitcase, abandoned by someone right in the middle of the road, or a pile of wooden boxes. And it is not a pity to spoil expensive cars, because the money earned by the trips is easily exchanged for new cars in the store. To accumulate enough capital to upgrade, collect all the crystals. Some of them hang in the air above the road too high, or in any other way difficult to reach. But to take back to replenish the stock of money – this is certainly not worth doing. Time to pass a level is always clearly limited by frames, and rarely reaches even a couple of minutes. Chasing profit you can easily fail the level, and this will not benefit anyone. Arrange a demonstration race in which your expensive cars will fire missiles, use turbo acceleration. In short, James Bond himself would envy the available arsenal of various gizmos. They turn an ordinary trip into an almost circus show, and you become an experienced stuntman. From time to time, roadblocks have to be blown up.

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