Awesome planes unblocked

Play online and free the Awesome planes unblocked game. Unreal battle broke out at a closed military base, located in the mountain. Enemy army relaxed preparing for a new attack after the crushing destruction of the aircraft division. Suddenly, a combat aircraft broke through the fortified bunker, which began the merciless destruction of all visible armored vehicles, protective guns and aircraft. Awesome planes took to the air to crush the insolent by the amount of manpower, but the guy turned out to be not a miss. He had so much ammunition on board that one could clear a small universe. During the shooting of the machine gun from the compartment bombs fell. When the guns overheated, it was time to shoot plasma and laser, and the pilot destroyed air-to-air missiles for a snack. Nobody could stop the madman, because he launched such scales of bullets towards flying planes that there was no place to dodge in the bunker. So many bombs fell from the bomb bay that carpet bombing would seem like an innocent prank, and using high-tech weapons would turn the defending side into a miserable kind of army. Take control of the aircraft and fly to destroy enemies, until the last miserable soldier and the last unfortunate weapon do not give up the spirit.

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