Bartender the right mix unblocked

Check this popular game – Bartender the right mix unblocked. The most important person in the bar is the bartender: he can only make the right mix, because he knows all the ingredients, alcohol concentrations, mixed proportions. Behind the master of cocktail preparation is a mass of bottles of alcoholic drinks: rum, vodka, blue and yellow Curacao, sugary fruit syrup, all sorts of juices, sweet vermouth, tequila, gin, wine and even milk. Away from the whale is a bucket of ice cubes and a basket of fresh fruits that need to be added to drinks to brighten bitterness or give the unique flavor of the drink. Our bartender is a novice who is on a free internship, so the means of earning for him are good tips, and the only pleasure is tasting the prepared mixes. The eccentric when applying for a job was hidden by the fact that he had never attended bartenders’ courses and therefore absolutely did not know how to prepare exotic drinks for bar visitors. He will have to feel on his own stomach all the charms and drawbacks of a cooked burda! Perhaps, the cunning man will be able to invent a slop or an alcoholic masterpiece, which no bartender has ever thought of. Warning: alcohol abuse harms your health and is approved for use by persons over 18 years old.

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