Basket and ball unblocked

Play online the Basket and ball unblocked game. Want to play basketball in a new way? This is not a banal running around the site in compliance with the rules and struggle with the opposing team. Now there is a lot of fun for masters of throwing the ball to the basket! The essence of the game is this: in a room with an inconvenient location, elevations and lowlands there is a basketball ring into which you need to score a ball. The joke is that it can be out of reach or even be blocked by a glass barrier, which can be removed only by hitting the ball with a special button. There is a judge on the field, it is necessary to throw the ball into it in order to earn a break in a few seconds, because each stage must be completed for the time during which the stars of skill are awarded. The ability to give a pass along an unusual trajectory, calculate the angle of a rebound in a collision with an obstacle, anticipating the actions of an opponent protecting the ring, as well as deceptive feints for the achievement of a goal – this is all basketball in a new way. Innovative fun unrealistically delays, because with each level the complexity of the game will only increase. Even professional basketball players will find it difficult in the finale to come up with tactics that allow them to solve difficult logical puzzles with elements of agility.

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