Batman games unblocked

Try Batman games unblocked online. The scarecrow has done a lot without Gotem, and now the villain caught earlier has escaped from his prison. In addition, he broke into the repository of evidence, from where he stole a sample of his particular toxic toxin. The villain is clearly not going to give up the old affairs, but on the contrary plans to resume criminal activity. Directing all his anger against the inhabitants, the Scarecrow wants to give them a complete insanity as a gift. Do not let the fleeing enemy re-embody his plan. Attacking the trail of a crazy villain in the sewers and tunnels under Gotem, the dark knight set off in pursuit. Batman in the dungeon, first of all, is forced to rush in search of the right path. There are many branches, forks, which apparently do not differ from each other. And then you have to meet the crowd of guards. Scarecrow has many minions who are not averse to sending any uninvited guest to the next world. Intervene in the possession of the enemy, leaving behind him the fallen bodies of his comrades. And when it comes to a fight with the main

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