Bloxorz unblocked

Play online Bloxorz unblocked game. The platforms suspended in air are a place of movement. Rectangular blocks roll over them, facing the task of getting into a square hole leading to a new level. The hit must be accurate so that the entire rectangle falls completely. Rolling on the hole will not work. In addition to this nuance, there are a number of features of movement. You cannot stand on the orange tile, otherwise the block immediately falls into the abyss, but you can freely roll on its side. Two semicircles mean teleport. It is necessary to step on this designation, as the rectangle is immediately divided in half – into two equal squares. They can not be dropped one by one into a hole, but can be cleverly put together before falling. On the platforms is a tile with circles, which activate the missing segments of the path. Crosses have a similar function, only their activation involves a limited number of hidden tiles. In total, the player has to go through 33 levels, dazzling with traps, various tricks and requiring extraordinary thinking to solve logical problems.

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