Bmx park unblocked

The Bmx park unblocked was open to all lovers of sports and extreme driving. There is nothing better than to come here early in the morning with your bike and practice your various tricks. The territory here is very extensive, so that places where to turn around just enough. Accelerate quickly, and soak high into the air at the next ascent, having managed to complete a couple of ingenious turns before landing. Each such focus corresponds to a specific button on the keyboard, but the control is very simple, and it does not make you bother. But to land after each jump on the wheels – this is a difficult task. You can make a dizzying flip, and then kiss the asphalt, and no points will be scored. The goal of the game is to score as many points as possible in the allotted time, therefore falls are extremely undesirable. Try to hone your skills enough to perform all the tricks intuitively, without even thinking about whether you chose the right movement or not. Remember the track well, so as not to bump into walls and obstacles. Outside the park to go will not work, although the green grass and do not block any fences.

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