Boxhead 2play unblocked

Play Boxhead 2play unblocked game. Demons are eager to conquer the light. Creatures of devilish descent need to kill people to dominate. Monsters spawn monsters from among those who could not stand in front of universal evil. When a person enters a maze of zombies, he immediately condemns himself to an endless battle with the creatures of the underworld. The dead come through the portals, open to other realities, and the red demon drives on decaying bodies. Satan’s damnable servant hurls fireballs and provokes the onslaught of brainless carrion. Two-legged monsters do not stop the barrels with high-octane fuel, bullet wounds, explosives. They go ahead, just to bite and tear to pieces the person who came to the battle in the maze. The energy of teleports reaches peak accumulation due to the appearance of zombies, so boxes are formed in different parts of the maze, balancing the energy of the dangerous place. Inside the box you can find ammunition, new weapons, drugs, increased slaughter. The more opponents enter the portal, the more valuable the gift will be the warrior who fights with the army of evil.

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