Call of duty unblocked

Play Call of duty unblocked game. In the city, located at a military base, there are families of officers. This place was the epicenter of the attack of terrorists who were going to influence the leading army ranks. With the help of blackmail and psychological pressure, the invaders intended to provoke the launch of nuclear missiles, but one of the guards of the complex did not allow the sense of duty to leave the unfortunate people in trouble. The retired shooter only worked, sitting at the checkpoint, which no one used. He had a rifle with a huge amount of ammunition in case of repelling an enemy attack. The former infantryman, who had not lost his retirement skills, quietly penetrated to the command post of the terrorists in order to round up. The criminals were taken by surprise, because the sly man cut off their path, blocking the moving element of the fence with barbed wire, and on the other hand provoked a collision of an armored vehicle with an ordinary car. This place became a shelter for the shooter. Now the lives of officer families depend on his accuracy, concentration, and steadfastness. The best solution to the problem in this situation is an accurate headshot with a minimum consumption of ammunition!

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