Welcome to the category strategies for boys and girls . The strategy is translated from the Greek means literally “the art of the commander” or the science of war. Therefore, all the games that we, refer to the genre of free Strategies represent just war games. Playing Online Strategy You’ll manage dozens, hundreds or even thousands of soldiers, will rule the worlds, manage ships, and to repel the attacks of the enemy countries.

Game strategy and tactics – hugely popular, time-tested form of computer games in which victory or achievement of results is only possible if you plan in advance, all the actions and strategically will realize you invented tactical maneuvers. In the very essence of the game plan is based on a limited number of specific management of resources to achieve the best possible result. But such a result is possible only when a thoughtful, advance planning and optimal strategic decisions. Create some operational plan (tactics), in accordance with all the relevant circumstances, you can turn it into a key advantage in the fight against the enemy. Therefore, no wonder many schetaet, this genre of games, the most complex and Intersnyh. In this section we have tried to collect the most interesting of bespalatnyh tactical online strategies.