Chaos faction 2 unblocked

Play free and online Chaos faction 2 unblocked game. Imagine for a second that the whole city is crazy. On the streets to create a real mess. Residents do not give each other a passage, as if all of them in one moment became gangsters, or even started a war. This is partly true. Only the specific parties constantly fighting are not here – they are constantly changing. People are divided into a maximum of small groups, each of which strives to gain as much value as possible. They rob shops, steal cars right in the middle of the street, in broad daylight. Urban madness is best manifested in personal fights. As soon as the opponents do not contrive to confuse you. Any object can be a weapon, from a slingshot to a trampoline. You will not have time to glance, as the latter is thrown at your feet, forcing you to jump high into the sky, and immediately get a bullet in the forehead. Such tricks are full in the arsenal of scoundrels. But you can always hope for the help of an ally. The partner helps to cope with difficulties, and he is not averse to giving good hooligans to all bullies. Learn to attack, defend, use different types of weapons. Periodic from the top fall boxes with him. You have time to run – and now the advantage is on your side.

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