Chaos faction unblocked

The Chaos faction unblocked is a nice game. The arena of battles called Chaos Faction 1 has 15 locations, where participants in the deadly carnage can demonstrate their own dexterity, cunning, promptness, ruthlessness and aggression. To dominate opponents, it is planned to use 29 types of the most diverse weapons of modernity, past and future. Among other things, there is a crossbow, throwing bombs, electromagnetic emitter, automatic, bazooka, power shield, anti-personnel mines. Each fighter creates his own character, depending on the ambitions, the desire to frighten opponents, to demonstrate invincibility. To do this, change the shape of the torso, upper and lower limbs, eyes are replaced. Appearance does not affect the movement of the character, its speed, aiming accuracy. To win a battle in a foreign territory with a titled opponent, you must have a plan to fight, to be able to adapt, if the battle does not go to hand, to find the keys of pressure on the enemy. Without tricks in a death duel for survival, you can’t win;

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