Checkers unblocked

Try Checkers unblocked game here. Chess or checkers – the eternal dispute, which can not be resolved. Someone likes one game, while others prefer the second. Both are good in their own way. Chess has more variations and variety, but checkers are more dynamic. There the games do not last especially long, and this high dynamic makes you think much faster. And where else can one piece cut off half of the enemy chips in a move? Where else can your weak soldier become an invincible machine of death — a lady? Here we are talking about, in fact, about every piece without exception, and not just about small pawns. Checkers for two – even more interesting. Here you can compete not only with a computer non-live opponent, but also invite your friend. Although the contest against the car will also be interesting. Any newbie who is not accustomed to and who doesn’t know all the tricks the program will easily make by itself. There are two modes of difficulty – simple and normal. If in the first case you only have to practice, the second option offers to enter into a real serious fight. Play checkers for two, developing your logic, ingenuity. Note that the computer can not miss your mistake, and will not spare, but on the contrary – will hit a weak point.

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