Chess unblocked 3d

Play online the Chess unblocked 3d game. The game of kings is considered to be 3D chess, as a wooden board allows you to determine which of the opponents is more powerful. Each strategist comes up with his own tactics of conducting a turn-based battle, uses distracting maneuvers, cunning, insidious surrender of his own soldiers in order to achieve large-scale goals. With equal beginnings of the battle, opponents determine who owns the right to go first in the offensive, and who will have to build defenses in the initial steps. The king is the most important figure around whom intrigue is twisted. The king’s faithful accomplice is his chosen queen, who gives herself the right to move across the field to any number of cells, but because of her own value she becomes the main target of battles. In the protection of the king involved two officers, a pair of horses, and also exhibited rooks. In the first row are loyal soldiers marching to die for the idea and for their patron — these are pawns. The rook can only beat in a straight line, the officer strikes obliquely, the horse gallops along the trajectory of the letter “G”. The pawns are allowed to make the first dash to two squares at once, while they attack the enemy only on one oblique cell, then continue to walk one cell in a straight line. If the pawn passes through the field and finds itself in the place of the enemy line of defense, the king can assign any rank in the army, including the royal title.

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