Chess unblocked

The Chess unblocked is a logical game. The kings prepared their armies for battle. Pawns are placed in places, the officers are looking forward to the start of the battle, the horses and rush forward. Play chess, and conquer the entire territory of the checkered board. For those who are not familiar with the rules of this well-known fun, if there are any, you just have to figure out exactly how each figure walks and attacks. And then everything becomes easier, quite understandable. Following their own ways, every single soldier can face enemies, defeating or losing a fight with them. Who will make the first move, who will get the first advantage? Most often, the strongest pieces will determine the outcome of the game. Take care of your queen like the apple of an eye. Without it, the game will be considered almost lost. The computer is relentless, and knows its business well enough. He rarely makes mistakes without succumbing to simple tricks. And to build long combinations, spinning moves in the most ingenious way – only real masters of chess combat are capable of this. For them, there are new levels of difficulty, so that experienced strategists also do not get bored. Of particular interest is the opportunity to ask the computer to walk around in its place. Click the appropriate button and compare your plans.

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