Doodle god 2 unblocked

Doodle god 2 unblocked is a continuation of your alchemical research. After all, the whole world around us was born in them. At first there was a void around, and from it the creator decided to make a couple of elements. He did it perfectly, because God knew in advance what and how he should do. He had the strength and knowledge. But you are standing in front of the unknown, sorting through the components, trying to connect the poorly compatible things. Only sometimes an unexpected insight comes, or a ridiculous accident helps to get a new element right. God’s spark 2 will give you access to all previously discovered substances and details that were found in the first part of the game. There are a lot of them, more than one hundred, but dozens more eight will have to be found in addition to the existing ones. The only thing that will help except logic and luck is the rarely appearing clues. And even they do not give a definitive answer, but only indicate groups of elements, among which there are compatible particles. Play god and see what happens as a result? Before your eyes, new species of animals, plants, complex technical mechanisms, as well as new phenomena of nature will arise. Divine Spark 2 is the perfect simulator of creativity at the universal level.

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