Doodle god unblocked

How was our world created? Doodle god unblocked will answer to this question. What happened at the very beginning, and what appeared later, and what forces took part in the birth of life? First of all, in the universe flashed the spark of God, from which everything else came. And when it came to the planet Earth, here the creator is clearly not stingy with ideas. As materials, he had only four elements. You know them well: air, water, earth, and fire. But how many different wonderful things you can collect them from this set! God’s spark allows you to mix the components together to get completely new components. All of them gradually replenish the collection of the player, opening the way from simple to complex transformations. There are metals, ingenious mechanisms, living creatures. If you try, you can get electricity, or even energy in its purest form. Arrange a storm, populate the seas with plankton, and grow forests on land. How many elements out of a hundred and fifteen maximum can you open? If the situation is at a standstill, just wait a while. Hints appear in the game, making it possible to find the right solutions even in the most hopeless cases. The history of transformations is available in the magazine. Check with her, and maybe it will push you to new ideas.

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