Doom unblocked

Doom unblocked is an interesting game. It is unlikely that a person who calls himself a gamer may not know what Doom is. This is a cult game that appeared back in those days when the picture we saw was a cluster of pixels, which only in our imagination takes the form of colorful monsters and soldiers. Now you have the opportunity to remember your childhood, once again rushing through your favorite, so familiar levels. Squeeze a stronger gun, and take a step forward, towards the terrible monsters and monsters that are hiding in the darkness of the corridors. If you are interested in going through a particular mission, you can immediately choose your choice on it just by clicking the corresponding menu item. Management seems inconvenient, because modern shooters allow you to be extremely mobile, to rally around the halls with brisk jumps, and to turn the camera as you like. Here, turning to the side is done with the keyboard buttons, and the sight cannot be moved at all – either the target is right in front of you, or you have missed. But this is a matter of habit, in a couple of minutes everything will fall into place. Do not forget to pick up useful bonuses. Armor and ammunition, as well as first-aid kits – without all this you just can not survive.

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