Dunkers unblocked

Play Dunkers unblocked online. In professional basketball there are cool dudes who lay the balls in the basket with their hands in the jump. Plague slam dunkers are capable of scoring a goal in one fell swoop, smashing a glass shield into shards, ripping off a ring or standing with their feet on a support holding a shield. Impressively spectacular trick players amuse the audience gathered at the stands. In this game, the fight takes place one on one on a small field. The players have tied legs, but their hands wave without stopping. It is necessary to touch the athlete with a brush to the ball, as he passes into his possession. For a full jump, an athlete must stand, not crawl on the field or beat his head on the floor. The key to slam dunk is a high jump and the absence of an opponent capable of lying to the attack by skillful defensive actions. To ensure a scoring guaranteed, the player must jump above the level of the ring, into which he can fly after him after laying the ball. Opponents on the field are very different, but all have equal opportunities to win. You can become a champion here not because of luck or sporting achievements – the winner is the one who handles the ball dexterously.

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