Effing worms 2 unblocked

Play free and online Effing worms 2 unblocked game. Nowadays there is so much radiation in the world around that nobody no longer thinks seriously about the consequences of its harmful effects. But you should not ignore the force that causes the world around us to change, and generate monsters. Animals, plants and insects – they all gradually mutate, and can turn into something really awful. This was how our nuclear worm was born, which now deals exclusively with what feeds, and is gradually growing to even larger sizes. By controlling it, you must satisfy your hunger, and devour as many people as you meet on your way. The nuclear worm lives deep in the bowels of the earth, and can move through the ground as easily as fish swim in the water(also, you can check this interesting article – Blobfish Underwater). And he jumps out as colorfully as the dolphins could do, rising up from the sea. But dolphins do not attack livestock, do not try to reduce the population of the city, and do not destroy military equipment. Speaking of the latter. Of course, local authorities can not leave your existence without attention, and will begin to take action as soon as you kill a sufficiently large number of people. After each level, you can choose one of two useful upgrades.

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