Exit path unblocked

Play online Exit path unblocked game. It is sad to feel hostage to circumstances, but when you are chosen for endless running around with deadly obstacles, there is absolutely no time for desolation. A blue man running in a maze of death gets his number. This suggests that he is not the first and not the last who will pass the test. When leaving the darkness, a person realizes two things – he is in a huge stadium, where bloodthirsty spectators watch his virtuoso gestures from the stands. A prisoner cannot hide in the dark, because powerful searchlights are aimed at him. Sitting too will not work: the road to the exit is only one, and if you drag out time, then a steak of weak roasting will be prepared from the stew. Having arranged a graceful show for the public, the runner is honored to take part in the next race, which will be many times more dangerous and more difficult to pass. Sophisticated traps are represented by giant circular saws, rotating axes, retractable spikes, changing the direction of movement by escalators. But this is sheer nonsense compared to sizzling lasers with tracking sensors, teleports, bottomless pits, where when a person falls, they simply rub off the walls like a pencil on a rubber eraser. Are you ready to run, pathetic piece of meat?

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