Fleeing the complex unblocked

In Fleeing the complex unblocked game the greedy Russian mafiosi grabbed Henry Stikman along with girlfriend Ellie. The bandits tied up the prisoners’ hands and hid them in a fort guarded by armed criminals. The building is located on the cliff of a cliff, and the only way to escape from the island is possible through the seaport. Henry is going to escape from the complex, using spy tricks, equipment and tricks, before which security will be powerless. This guy has a balloon in the bins, boots with velcro, a pillow that makes strange sounds, special springs for high jumps. Quarreling the thugs is easier than ever, but if you make a mistake, they will release the guts out of Mr. Stickman. Of course, the option of using an invisible antiperspirant, but if it suddenly rains or the effect of the deodorant decreases for some reason, then the villains sneer at the girlfriend of the unfortunate spy. For escape, it will require not so much common sense as creativity, without which the survival of secret agents would be difficult. The paths of movement for Henry are always open, but the priority is the same option when he gets out of the base of criminals by the hand with Ellie’s passion, and does not leave the poor girl for the fun of the bandits!

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