Friv 765

Friv 765 games – play online. In the game “Joe and Momo”, you will get acquainted with very interesting characters. One day Joe and his girlfriend were walking at the fair. They went into a mysterious tent where they were met by a sorcerer. He talked about outlandish goods and the countries where they were mined, but they were not attracted by the couple’s attention. In the far corner on the chain sat a sad creature similar to a bird. Joe managed to free him and the couple fled. A lovely creature called Momo. He was so sweet and cheerful that in a moment he became a good friend for Joe. One day, something terrible happened. The sorcerer kidnapped the girl Joe. Now the guys go to find her and you go with them. Ahead you are waiting for incredible adventures. You have to overcome the thick thickets of the forest with the many traps that the sorcerer has prepared for you. The game is designed for two players, so you have to call your sister, brother or friend to play comfortably and successfully pass the levels. To overcome large chasms or higher jump Joe can jump on Momo. Ahead you are waiting for incredible adventures. Good luck friends!

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